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Self awareness is a conscious knowledge of one's own personality and individuality. It encompasses your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs, motivations, desires, values, and feelings. Self awareness is a major component in a human being's personal development. Psychologists and experts have found that self awareness begins to emerge in children around 18 months of age. It plays a critical role in how we understand ourselves and the world around us. It affects how we relate to others and our communities.

The first step in self awareness is knowing yourself and learning to love yourself for the human being that you are. This is an ongoing process throughout our lives. I recently did a self analysis, or mind map, of myself. It was an in depth look at personality traits, emotions, feelings, motivations, and desires.

After some time spent by myself in quiet meditation, I started with a picture of myself in the center of a large piece of blank paper. I had six different branches coming off from my picture. The branches include My Big Heart, Emotions, Character Traits, Creativity, Intelligence, and Environment. These are branches that most define my life and my inner self. By doing a mind map of myself, I feel empowered in my personal growth as a human being and able to focus in more clearly on my life's purpose. I am able to sort out my personality and character traits, strengths and weaknesses, challenges and motivations, and thoughts and feelings. I have a mindfulness that guides my awareness to my inner self to know my thoughts and beliefs and notice what triggers my emotions as they rise and fall in different moments in my life. Self awareness leads to self control and self management.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to take the time to do a mind map of yourself. Take time by yourself away from others and social media to be quiet and let your thoughts flow out. Look around you and your world. What are your passions? What makes you happy? What brings out your inner emotions? Where do you find your thoughts leading you to? What motivates you on a daily basis? Through all my research and observations, I find this to be the first step to knowing yourself and self awareness.

Self awareness can lead to new perspectives on issues and topics, an open mindedness, and increased self esteem and confidence. it is critical to understanding ourselves and how we relate to other human beings. Self awareness has helped me to slow down and connect with nature, other people and myself.

I am a Christian and believe in God. Jesus Christ left us the blueprint for how to live a holistic balanced life while he walked on Earth. God has the ultimate control over the world and universe. Living in the presence of God, I am able to know my true self and love myself. God made every human being on this Earth in his image. Knowing and understanding this, I can continue my personal growth and respect other human beings for who they are as well.

Living a life like Jesus Christ showed us is one application of self awareness. Some other applications include spending time with just yourself for a few minutes every day, being honest with yourself, be accountable and responsible for your own actions and words, and begin a personal journal to express your inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions to different situations that come up in your life. Self awareness puts us on a path to living a holistic balanced life!

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