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It has been a while since I have written a new blog post but I have been busy learning new ideas and growing in my life's journey. I have been spending time reading, writing, and doing art projects, in between getting a pipe break after the winter storm in Texas. Insurance companies and renovation companies are interesting characters to deal with. I am back and I want to continue my blogging. My goal is to share with others my ideas and adventures in ways that may help others to live their best lives.

The world is full of new adventures every day. People are important. We need human contact to interact with, learn, encourage, and inspire one another. When we help each other, we build a strong community and everyone benefits. We tend to build one another up making our world a better place. We are able to live a more holistic balanced life. Our self confidence and self esteem continue to increase and our aspirations are achieved in our life journeys. Life is a journey of continual learning and interactions with other human beings and nature. God created everyone and every living thing in this world. He also gave us free will. It is up to us to learn how to positively use this free will and interact with others and nature that is beneficial and builds strong communities for everyone.

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