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As I become more self aware, I am able to start living a more holistic balanced life. I am aware of my surroundings, emotions, feelings, thoughts, physical health, and mental capacities. Knowing myself leads to using self control and self management to reach self realization. Self realization is fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's own character or personality. It is the activation of one's full potential of gifts, talents and activities. Abraham Maslow describes self realization in his hierarchy of needs as self actualization and in order to reach this level a certain of set of needs are met before achieving this.

Self control is a restrain of oneself over one's own emotions, feelings, actions, and behaviors. In a issue from Psychology Today, self-control is primarily rooted in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is the planning, problem-solving, and decision making center and is significantly larger in humans than in other mammals. The ability to have self control affects our mental capacities at all levels. Self control leads to self management by oneself and one's own affairs and actions.

Self management is taking control over one's own behaviors and well being. Self management is important to living a holistic balanced life because you are in control of your life and choices. You are aware of your emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and can take accountability and responsibility for your behaviors and perceptions of the world surrounding yourself. You can choose how you want to live your life and stop making excuses why bad things happen to you.

When we take accountability and responsibility for our emotions, thoughts, actions, and behaviors, we become more trustworthy, respectful of others, physically healthier, self disciplined, honorable and ethical, emotionally healthier, develop higher critical thinking skills, and realize we have a choice in how we live our lives. If things are not going well in our lives, we can make the choice to make changes. Self management involves taking the initiative and organizing new plans for living a positive holistic balanced life. There is self management skills that we can develop and apply in our lives daily while living a holistic balanced life. I will do a separate blog on these at another time.

Self awareness leads to self control and self management but it is a journey to maintained and continue to focus on in our lives. The goal of these is self sufficiency which is the ability to maintain oneself without outside aid. Self sufficiency is the capability of providing for one's own needs and an inner self confidence is the reward.

Each day I wake up and make a plan to focus on my whole person of my body, mind, heart, and spirit. Living a holistic balanced life includes physical exercise, eating nutritionally healthy food, six to seven hours of sleep each 24 hours, reading, meditating, praying, and continued growth of mental capacity skills. Observing and gaining knowledge in aspect of living a holistic lifestyle is done by increasing key human skills, soft skills, and self management skills.

This website is a continual developing journey to provide its readers with positive ideas and in depth thinking to help live a holistic balanced life. Life is about enjoying the journey, not just the destination and having experiences that are transcendent in which we emerge as better human beings and contribute to a positive community living out of love and kindness. Getting out among nature helps in meditation and clearing our minds of distractions and defeating thoughts. We can take a walk, bike ride, or sit among the trees and flowers to appreciate nature and revitalize our inner thoughts and feelings.

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Mar 29, 2021

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