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Journaling is a daily record of our ides, feelings, emotions, thoughts, creativity, and understandings of our experiences and world around us.  I have created different journals over the years of my life.  It has helped me to observe and gain knowledge in each aspect of my life and helped me to live a more holistic balanced life.  

Daily Journal Process:

**Get a blank notebook or art pad

**Write or draw any ideas or thoughts that come to your mind.  Start by doing it  once a        day.  I recommend in the mornings after you wake up.  If you miss a few days, this is alright,, just start again where you left off in your notebook and continue your journaling.  Date each entry so you will know later what your thoughts were and what you were experiencing in your life at that time when you come back to read it later.   After you have become used to journaling daily, move to doing it twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night.  Once you have been journaling for a few weeks, you will notice patterns in your writings/drawings.  Notice the words you choose to use and what the writing is about.  

Different Variety of Journaling:

**Grateful journal (People, things, situations, experiences)

**Personal feelings/emotions journal

**Dreams journal

**Physical journal (keeping track of your nutrition intake and exercises)

**Quotation journal (Writing down quotes and poems with meaning to you)

**Art journal

**Bible journal  (Writing down bible verses with meaning to you)

**Reading journal 

Benefits of Daily Journaling:

**Becoming more self aware of your own thoughts, feelings, biases, emotions, actions, values and beliefs

**Expanding mindfulness which enables suspension of judgement and brings attention to my own experiences: it clears the mind of outside distraction

**Understanding my own emotions, feelings, thoughts, biases, values, and beliefs

**Increases memory and concentration

**Strengthens your self discipline

**Improves your communication skills

**Healing--When we can translate our experiences into language then we can understand and manage our thoughts and feelings better.  We can heal deep down inside and have an inner peace to living a holistic balanced life.  

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